This year, Chinese New Year (Year of the Hare!) fell on February 3rd. With Emi's birthday on the 2nd, that was just too much going on in two short days. Add to that, both Jeff and Emi had the flu, no one was really interested in doing much except sleeping. So we decided to do our celebrating this weekend.

Planned menu:
  1. Simple noodles - I found some fun curly long noodles and will serve them unbroken (long life) with soy sauce, which is Emi's favorite way to eat noodles
  2. Eggrolls
  3. New Year Dumplings
  4. Asian-Style Grilled Tilapia - Emi has just recently rediscovered her love of Tilapia and since this marinade is SO amazing, it's a perfect fit for our special dinner
  5. Chocolate Won-Tons

BTW, we made Chinese Tea Eggs last year. They were a lot of fun, but none of us really liked the taste. I've decided to not make them this year, mainly as time is getting away from me. But they are so fun to make, and the house smells so wonderful - so if you have time, go for it! (Emi and I may make them for a 'rainy day' project later this week, not to eat, just to do the project and then display them. They really are quite pretty!)

We aren't doing the entire menu that many do, there are just the three of us after all. But, if you are looking for a good go-to menu, more ideas or just "why eat that for CNY", I found this post: What to Eat for Chinese New Year. I am sure in years to come we will attempt each dish, they look amazing!

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On January 16, 2012 at 2:39 PM , AlasMyLove said...

I love cooking but haven't tried to make many Asian dishes yet, this seems like a great place to start! Thanks for the recipe.