Okay, first. Gosh you guys are brutal! lol On the hair front, Emi and I have a lunch thing to go to at Jeff's office tomorrow so I will have to do it - and do it well! If it turns out, I will try to remember to have Jeff take our picture. IF the picture turns out, I will post it.

On to the menu planning. Well, needless to say menu planning didn't happen yesterday. I wish weekends would slow down! First, the crock pot fish chowder was so-so at best. Not sure if it was the fish I used or if we had different expectations but Emi was indifferent to it (she drank the broth), I didn't care for it at all and Jeff liked it well enough. So, I am moving that recipe to my so-so category and will keep looking. If anyone has a great (easy) crock pot recipe for clam/fish/corn chowder please share it with me!

I didn't get to the Balsamic Chicken & Mushrooms, that's my plan for tonight. The Spinach-Artichoke Cheesy Tortellini as always, was totally wonderful. I do use fresh spinach that I chop, and use half the cheese and fat-free half and half for the cream and it is wonderful. Now that I've made it a few times, it takes about 20 minutes tops. Easy and yummy. If you haven't tried it, it's a keeper for us. (Well, except for Emi. It's a bit too much for her, so I leave some tortellini's out for her and usually give her a vege and/or fruit to go with it.)

Something I that I was seriously bummed about, was the pork loin. I actually remembered to take it out of the freezer and pop it into the fridge (too many years spent in the restaurant biz - I am crazed about thawing meats, I never ever ever thaw on the kitchen counter). So Monday I make the stuffing and while it's cooling down I take the pork loin from the fridge, open the package and .... yuck! Eight dollars worth of pork loin had gone bad at some point. All we can think of is that it happened at the store, before I bought it. I am also crazed about meat handling. I buy it last when shopping, even though it requires backtracking. I always put it away first. So, I know it wasn't me. But, when it comes down to it, it doesn't matter, my dinner was trashed. Jeff ran back to the store and picked up some ready-made chicken (yum), I tossed a vege in the nuker and with the stuffing, that was dinner. But, at least we didn't scrap it totally and call out for pizza. Although I am not sure where running out for rotisserie chicken falls into 'not eating out'. But, it worked in a pinch.

Meals for this week:
Balsamic Chicken & Mushrooms
Udon-Beef Noodle Bowl (with chicken)
Quiche (yes, it's that easy)
Breakfast (grits, eggs and turkey or chicken sausage most likely)

Only four meals planned as we have a birthday to celebrate this week. Jeff's! I still haven't decided exactly what to make and since I want it to be a surprise - I can't post it! Nope, not duck again. I am hoping for something different.

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