Note: I am dating this for early Sunday morning as I want the Danger Girl post to stay on top for a day or so.

Wow, another week come and gone already. I did so-so in keeping with my menu plan. The trick to good crock-potting (I've found) is remembering to take the @#%%^ roast out of the freezer the day before. Finally, I remembered to take it out on Saturday morning so we had the Polynesian Pot Roast tonight. Total yum but it's *really* easy to dry out. My roast was almost exactly one pound less than the recipe but it should have probably only cooked (on low) for about 3 hours total. I wonder, does anyone know if you can put a meat thermometer in a hunk of meat in a crock pot? It started smelling SO amazing I finally did an instant read thermometer and it was over the top! Bah, we really like rare, or medium-rare at most, pot roast. While the flavor rocked, I am going to have to play around with the timing. It's definitely on my 'make again soon' list.

We also had the other crock-pot recipe this past week. The Chicken Merlot with Mushrooms ... oh baby! It is THE easiest, tastiest, yummiest, E.A.S.I.E.S.T. crock-pot recipe ever (did I mention easy?)! It was so good I called my mom the very next day and told her she *had* to make it. Seriously, it was that good. Changes I'd make ('cause, is there a recipe I don't mess with?) ... do equal amounts of the Merlot and the chicken stock (half a cup each). We would have liked the wine taste to come out more. Also, I would half the amount of chicken but keep the rest of the ingredients at the same levels. That was a LOT of chicken for the 2.5 of us, and we would have liked more sauce. Try that recipe, good good good eats! Oh, and I made it with skinless, boneless chicken breasts (it's all that I ever have in my freezer) still in their frozen state. Just tossed 'em in! Hahaha, does it get any easier? :)

So, I had a couple of requests for this week from Jeff and looking at the forecast it shouldn't (famous last words) get too hot to run the oven this week. So I am making some old favorites, and a new favorite.

Have a great week everyone and don't forgot to zip on over to Laura's at I'm an Organizing Junkie for Menu Plan Menu's.

  • Sunday: Polynesian Roast Beef (crock pot meal), rice, frozen carrots
    • Holdover from last week … but it was tasty!

  • Monday: Chicken Tortilla Bake (one pot meal)
    • Yes, it’s on the menu again. Request from Jeff and to double it for lunches this week!
  • Tuesday: Cold Roast Beef (leftover), fresh yummy bakery bread (rosemary-oregano if our bakery has it that day), nice hunk of cheddar cheese – sliced thick, Healthy Macaroni Salad, sliced cantaloupe
    • Picnic dinner at the park (planned for Tuesday but going to watch the weather)

  • Wednesday: Orange Mandarin Chicken, somen or udon noodles (depends on what I can find), steamed snow peas
    • A serious family favorite and one I've neglected to make for too long!

  • Thursday: Picnic dinner for Jeff's office ... we don't even need to bring a dish to pass. Total night off!

  • Saturday: Free Nite
    • Actually, this most likely will be our leftover buffet night
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