So, menu-wise, meals went better than expected last week. We did send Jeff out for pizza once and go out once. Not good, I really want to step on that. If I am too pooped to cook, I want to at least do 'vege night' which we did do once. And hey, we lived through it and enjoyed it. AND ... it didn't set us back $20-30. We need to do more of that, and we will.

So, Emi and I headed off to the grocery store with almost no plan in place (not good). Fortunately, a very nice tuna steak just jumped into my cart. Since that happened, I decided to add a nice piece of salmon for Jeff (I love and adore tuna steaks, even more than beef or bison!). Emi, for once, refused fish. But I am wondering if it was just because she was too busy with the (gasp) brown rice, and peas. I can't believe I now LOVE brown rice. We finally broke down and bought a new rice steamer and whoa, does it rock. It takes forEVER to make the rice (both white and brown) but it's worth the time. Oh, and it makes the best ever sticky rice. Ahhh, heaven. But now that I've discovered brown (nice nutty flavor, needs extremely little butter!) we rarely do white any more. And, as a bonus, Emi loves the brown and is quite indifferent to the white. The recipe used was the Asian-Style Grilled Tilapia. (Not suprised?) YUM!

What else did we have? Jules' Homemade Tomato Soup and grilled sandwiches, Vege Nite (udon noodles with a bit of ginger and soy sauce, corn on the cob on the grill), um ... well, we did eat, I just can't remember what else!

BTW, I can't remember if I posted about the Pasta with Creamy Pancetta-and-Pea Sauce. If I did, just skip this as it will be a repeat! It was amazing. Really really amazing. Emi picked through and ate the pasta, wouldn't touch the peas ... she kept trying to get the sauce off them (yes, the same sauce that the pasta had on it). I finally gave up and nuked her some plain ones. Kids. :) But Jeff and I almost climbed into the pan, it was that good. I did use Lythrum's hints - the ham was a very nice touch, but the biggie was using less pans. I hate to do dishes and clean up, so that was a great tip. Oh, and I thought it was a pretty easy and fun recipe to do. It's a keeper here. (Oh, and Serdmom's Apple Crisp has been banned from the house ... oh my, I didn't want to share! Seriously though, total yum and quite easy. Too easy.)

So, now the question is, what are we having this week? I have no idea! Going to figure it out as I type. But it has to be quick and easy, which seems to be a theme these days.

CrockPot Fish Chowder Recipe
Emi has been on a chowder kick lately. No, really - every time we go out for lunch or dinner, this is what she's been eating. I ordered it once awhile ago and she wanted to try it, she ended up eating the whole bowl. So I've been toying with trying my hand at making it at home. HA! I just knew Steph at A Year of Crockpotting would have something. I am going to attempt this this week. If I get to it, I will report in. (Oh, and it's not just chowder - you mention the word soup and she's ready to eat. Heh, go figure.)

Pork Loin
I have one in the freezer that I bought when our grocery store was having a big sale. I may just bake it (it's a pre-marinated one, lemon zest I think) but I am seriously toying with trying this. If I do, I will report in. But since it's a Barbara recipe I already know it will rock.
Update: I decided to add it to my Recipe Box, it just looks too good not to try. But I will still report in! Stuffed Pork Loin

Balsamic Chicken & Mushrooms, Mashed Potatoes
I had hoped to make this last week and I didn't get the chance. With luck, I will give it a go this week. It looks total yum!

We actually didn't have this last week (I know, I'm shocked too) but now, I can put in on this week's menu. I am thinking cheese (whatever we have), spinach and mushrooms. Maybe a nice loaf of specialty bread and call it dinner.

Spinach-Artichoke Cheesy Tortellini
I didn't get to this the other week and still have the tortellini in the fridge. This is so easy, there is no reason not to make it. I am determined! :)

There, five meals! Between leftovers, rice in the rice steamer, udon noodles and tons of frozen vege's, breakfast for dinner - there should be absolutely NO reason to go out or have Jeff pick up anything on the way home. Let's see how I do, shall we? Maybe a little challenge? Anyone up for it? A whole week of only eating at home (dinners). Hmmmm, this could work!

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